Retired Dogs

Marley Picture 1 Name: Marley DOB: Dec. 23, 2007
Marley is our English dark chocolate female. She is very passive and loves to snuggle or lay at our feet. Marley has beautiful conformation to go with her gentle Labrador temperament.
Marley Picture 2 Marley Picture 3 Marley Picture 4 Marley Pedigree

Skylla Picture 1 Name: Skylla DOB: Jan. 30, 2008
Skylla is our smallest English female. She is a very affectionate companion who loves to let loose in the water or go for a relaxing walk through the woods. Skylla is loved by all who meet her.
Skylla Picture 2 Skylla Picture 3 Skylla Picture 4 Skylla Pedigree

Laci Picture 1 Name: SHLR'S SKYLLAS SECOND ADDITION - "Laci" DOB: June 24, 2012
Our lovely gentle old soul Ms Laci will be enjoying her Retirement Life with Harry & Anne in the Fenelon Falls area. I know she will be missed here and loved very much in her new home. xo my sweetie girl

Laci Picture 2 Laci Picture 3 Laci Picture 4 Laci Pedigree

Whiskey Picture 1 Name: Whiskey DOB: Apr. 30, 2008
Whiskey is a very intelligent solid girl who loves field/hunt and is a great companion. She is our only American Labrador Retriever who is always eager to please and would retrieve all day and night if she had things her way. She is very fast and always wins the race to the pond. Whiskey has excellent drive and in our home she is a calm and gentle girl who loves attention.
Whiskey Picture 2 Whiskey Picture 3 Whiskey Picture 4 Whiskey Pedigree

Frisko Picture 1 Name: HARBOR RUN'S SHLR'S SHUR-SHOT - "Frisko" DOB: Oct. 27, 2010
We are very sad to see this special boy leave, but with heavy hearts we are now very much at peace to see his new beginning transpire with his forever family.
Frisko Picture 2 Frisko Picture 3 Frisko Picture 4 Frisko Pedigree

Parker Picture 1 Name: SHLR'S SHIFT'N GEARS - "Parker" DOB: Sept. 15, 2011
Parker is my first Champion and has been a delight to have here at SHLR. He loves everyone and is the happiest dog, full of wiggles for everyone he meets. Parker is now retired and living with his forever family Linda, Brian, and Remington in Port Perry, ON.
Parker Picture 2 Parker Picture 3 Parker Picture 4 Parker Pedigree

Abby Picture 1 Name: SHLR'S TICKET TO RIDE - "Abby" DOB: Sept. 15, 2011

We are happy that Abby is bringing much joy & many new memories to John & Marjorie. Best wishes with the hard cottage life retirement you will receive with your new family. 100% R&R and spoiled!!

Abby Picture 2 Abby Picture 3 Abby Picture 4 Abby Pedigree

Nova Picture 1 Name: IRONRIDGE CUSTOM STAR FOR SHLR - "Nova" DOB: Apr. 5, 2012
Our beautiful Nova is now living with the Walker Family & is doing wonderful living as a queen in her new home spoiled daily in every way and loving being the only four legged one in the house!
Nova Picture 2 Nova Picture 3 Nova Picture 4 Nova Pedigree